Episode 50 - Foundr

Episode 50 - Foundr

Holy Cow! I am super excited. Episode 50 is here, and I get the incredible opportunity to interview Nathan Chan, CEO of Foundr magazine about his successful Kickstarter campaign for his new book. Lessons From The Greatest Entrepreneurs Today. Starting a business? Thinking about it? Startup veteran? Or are you just looking to improve your company?

Right now we’re living in the golden age of entrepreneurship where the rules of the game have changed — there has never been a better time in history to start or be building a business.

But with so much noise on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and build a successful business, it’s so hard to know who to follow and what to trust. 

Before my interview with Nathan, I asked Shawn Neal and Paul Lewon to join me for a conversation about our first year as business partners. And of course, without fail, we have to fight through some technical difficulties to make the interview happen. Thanks for all of our listeners and of course to all of my project creators out there taking risks. 


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