Episode 32 - VetPronto

Episode 32 - VetPpronto

Equity crowdfunding is the hot new trendy buzzword around the crowdfunding community, so I decided to talk to someone who is running an active campaign. Meet Joe Waltman, CEO of VetPronto.  “VetPronto provides on-demand veterinarians who treat your pets in the comfort of your home. 65% of American households have a pet—there are 77 million dogs and 86 million cats who need check-ups at least twice a year. But only 30% of these animals ever see a vet in their lifetime because the experience is tedious, and sometimes even impossible for urban pet-owners without a car. We're fixing that. Pet owners can get vets when they need them, where they need them: right at home. That's sure does sound like a "no-brainer" idea. I sure wish back in the day when I was living on a farm in rural southeast Michigan with over 120 cats, a horse and three sheep that VetPronto was around to make my vets days way easier.

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