Episode 30 - Dr. Squatch Shampoo and Conditioner

Episode 30 - Dr.Squatch Shampoo and Conition

In this episode, I got a chance to talk to Jack Haldrup from the company Dr. Squatch about his successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for 100% natural, NPA certified shampoo & conditioner for men. Jack was an excellent interview as he held my hand through the process of what it takes to make shampoo and conditioner, let alone what is needed to make those items 100% natural. I record the intro to this episode in my 2008 Scion xB on my way to my live sound gig which starts very early on Sunday morning. PS. Hey, Men! It's okay to talk about what you are using to clean your hair. PSS. Thanks, Dr. Squatch for the samples of your soap line. Today I used your "Rum" soap, and I feel and smell beautiful and you can too if you check out this company.