Episode 17 - Greater Alexander

Greater Alexander

Sometimes someone is just a pure artists down to the core. In this episode, I get the chance to talk to Greater Alexander about life, humility, crowdfunding and respect for one's self. After a car crash nearly took Alexander's life he took that energy that was given to him and turned a horrible life event into a powerful music bed. To fund his musical adventure, Alexander turned to Patreon after running two successful Kickstarter campaigns over the past five years. I also take a moment to dive into the idea of "why do some people always circle back into your life". Jason, if you are listening , I'm taking about you.

P.S. Happy Birthday Alexander

(Photo by Erin Marie Miller. Visit:   http://erin-miller.com  /)

(Photo by Erin Marie Miller. Visit: http://erin-miller.com/)

(Photo by Haley & Co.    http://www.haleyandcompany   )

(Photo by Haley & Co. http://www.haleyandcompany)