Episode 149 - Straton Legera Watch

In episode 149 - I got to talk with Kyle Schut from the successful Kickstarter Straton Legera Watch. Straton Watch Co. ® was established in 2015 by watch and car enthusiast Kyle. Combining his passions, he created a brand which has successfully launched four Kickstarter campaigns to date for various Straton watches and delivered more than 6000 watches worldwide. Kyle is proud to present his latest retro creation the "Legera". The Legera Standard and Legera Bullhead is available with two movement options for each of the cases, either the Swiss Made Valjoux 7750 Automatic for the Legera Bullhead, and  Valjoux 7753 Automatic for the Legera Standard. The Quartz versions will house the Seiko/TMI VK67 meca-quartz for the Legera Bullhead and Seiko/TMI VK63 meca-quartz for the Legera Standard. Why have we chosen both Automatic and Quartz movements? Some customers prefer Automatic movement and some prefer a Quartz movement, price is a decision factor.