Episode 144 - Pharos Watches

Episode 144 - Pharos Watches

In episode 144 - I got to talk with Alex Davis from the successful Kickstarter project, Pharos Watches. Pharos Watches is proud to announce the Sentinel Collection consisting of two models: the full lume Sentinel and sunburst Sentinel B. 

The uniqueness of the Sentinel and Sentinel B is evident in the crown (which is lumed), lug curvature, and steel case finished with a variety of polished grooves and brushed notches. The defining feature of the Sentinel Collection is the usage of Swiss SuperLuminova in the dial and crown of each watch. 

Inspired by the Pharos of Alexandria, their logo depicts four beams of light emanating downward from a central lighthouse. Additionally, the abundant lume in both the Sentinel and Sentinel B emits a glow reminiscent of the light that shines from a lighthouse. An accurate depiction of the Lighthouse of Alexandria is also engraved on each case back.

For more information go to their Kickstarter today.