Does The World Really Need Your Idea?

Let us get you the data you need before you make your next decision

Embarking on a crowdfunding campaign can be intimidating. It requires a tremendous investment of time and money developing a design to prototype, and even then you've only just begun. Marketing, video, audience building, campaign design, all expenses that lie ahead that when done correctly can give you the best chance to succeed, albeit no outcome is guaranteed.

Oftentimes we find ourselves talking with a client who's developed a great idea for a product but hasn't yet taken the steps to build a prototype. Given the inherent uncertainties of crowdfunding, this may be an excellent time in the process to take a measurement of the potential market for your idea before a large investment is made in building a prototype and committing to a crowdfunding campaign.

The goal of this market viability survey is twofold: gauge audience interest in the idea via a limited social media ad test and identify comparable crowdfunding campaigns and gauge their level of success and audience as relates to your product.

Our report is designed to arm you with the best data possible to help you decide if your idea if worth further investment and efforts. It will also give you an insight into how we can best serve you as your marketing agency if your idea is indeed viable as a crowdfunding campaign.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.