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Woodshed is a Crowdfunding Agency.

Woodshed is a pioneering crowdfunding agency serving corporations and content creators across a wide mix of industries. The company helps clients to effectively architect and execute strategic equity and rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns that build brand equity and drive growth.

In an unprecedented development in March of 2015, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruled on Title IV of the JOBS Act, paving the way for private companies to raise up to $50M from both accredited and unaccredited investors. This new ruling is known as “Reg A+” and our team believes it is the future of investments in America.

Our services include campaign strategy, branding, video production, graphic design, web development, social media, influencer engagement, public relations and marketing.

Woodshed is a Creative Content Agency

Inside the Woodshed, we pride ourselves on being more than just another creative content agency. Specialists in creating visually stunning, highly valuable video content we empower your business to reach new audiences, engage website viewers and compel them to take action. Breaking new ground in the way customers engage with your brand, our video production team work with award-winning editors, graphic designers and other creative talents to help you make a big impression in the exciting world of web advertising, where the only real limit is your imagination. To help you bring those big ideas to life, we combine the technology and production values of a top video production company with a passion for providing innovative and unique campaigns that enable you to make the most of your advertising budget. Where we stand out from any other creative content agency is our experience. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names from around the world. In doing so, we’ve perfected our approach to creating the active, creative content that online audiences love to engage with.

It’s this engagement factor that makes your campaign a success. With social media, your existing audience wields the power to spread your message much further than you could alone though encouraging them to do so requires the kind of marketing expertise found in an agency like us. It means taking the knowledge that your viewers are far more likely to share your content with their friends if it’s creative content. Something they can connect with on an emotional level. By using just the right blend of imagination, production value and advertising know-how, we can make compelling campaigns your audiences will want to share.

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Equity Crowdfunding

Raise up to $50 million dollars for your business via Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding. 

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the new normal for startups and SME’s to raise much needed capital for new products, inventions and services.
“The problem used to be that platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo don’t allow businesses to raise capital for equity. In June 2015 a new law went into effect, allowing entrepreneurs to raise up to 50 million dollars through a so called “Mini-IPO” under Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act.” says Kendall Almerico, one of the country’s top equity crowdfunding attorneys and founder of BankRoll.

Woodshed Agency has partnered with Bankroll, one of the first equity crowdfunding portals offering entrepreneurs the ability to raise capital from the general public online and to “test the waters” before starting an equity crowdfunding campaign, so you can gauge the interest of potential investors before starting your Mini-IPO campaign.

If you think your business is a good candidate for equity crowdfunding, fill in the form below to start the process.

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Starts in Detroit

and then goes everywhere in between.
Our main headquarters is in the heart of Detroit's new media sector in Downtown, and this gives us an excellent base for business in the city. For over ten years, our team have been producing unique, engaging strategies in the farthest-flung corners of the globe, giving us an invaluable insight into the costs involved in shooting anywhere from the ghetto in the D to a skysracpper in New York. With this knowledge and long established network, you’ll experience the benefits of working with a Detroit production company which employs the same methods as current TV productions to create highly stylised video content but in a far more refined and efficient way. So the world really is your oyster for your next campaign.


Inside the Woodshed, we have our own in-house post production company, which means we can streamline the whole process from start to finish.

We have a select team of award-winning editors with experience in high-end TV and Advertising.

Beyond our in-house post production company we have an extensive network of dedicated and award-winning Motion Graphics Designers, Flame Artists, Compositors, Sound Engineers, and Colorists who add the final stardust to your project. We color grade each film specifically to suit the Brand using Da Vinci Resolve. We are also fully equipped to supply custom audio productions depending on the project requirements. We really have streamlined the whole process from start to finish.

We have a select team of award winning editors with experience in high end TV and Advertising.

Beyond our in house post production company we have an extensive network of dedicated and award winning Motion Graphics Designers, Flame Artists, Compositors, Sound Engineers, and Colorists who add the final stardust to your project. We color grade each film specifically to suit the Brand using Da Vinci Resolve. We are also fully equipped to supply custom audio productions depending on the project requirements.

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Engage and inspire your customers

Thanks to the rise in always-on, superfast broadband, not to mention the increasing affordability of high-tech, internet-ready gadgets, the way your customers engage with your brand is changing. Fail to change with them, and it may not be too long before they take their loyalty and their business elsewhere. As the web continues to evolve, so too does the way your brand needs to communicate with your customers. Which is why, when picking a digital content agency, you need a team that is both innovative and experienced. We’re passionate about staying one step ahead of emerging online technologies and putting them to work in empowering your business to connect with online audiences in the most efficient manner possible.

Create a lasting impression with your digital marketing

We breathe new life into your digital marketing campaigns by bringing together the top talents in the field together with our boundless creativity and our insight into what grabs the attention of web users. Research proves that users are more likely to recall information they’ve seen on a video than with any other kind of content, with a recent report by the Online Publishers Association stating that 80% of survey participants could “Recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days.” More importantly for brands, 46% of those took some form of action as a result of watching that video, which is why our Detroit-based digital content agency places high-quality, high-performance video content at the heart of all our marketing campaigns. So, if you’re fed up of slow, lifeless marketing videos that fail to inspire your audiences, and are ready to motivate them into action, come and talk to Woodshed.

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Numbers tell a story.

We plot your customer touchpoints by combining transactional and behavioral data with profile information. Then, we identify opportunities for better engagement through search, digital, mobile, email, social and direct targeted marketing. Whatever your objectives are, we have the tools to help achieve them.

It’s a lot easier to keep a current customer than to find a new one.

Depending on the complexity of your product offer and your distribution channels, you could have a lot of different customers to communicate with and to keep happy and loyal. They could be in different geographies, various stages of life or different cultures. They could have different service needs and communication preferences. Whether you have a sophisticated CRM system or minimal transaction data, we can help you figure out who they are, where they are and how to speak with relevance to each of them.

  • Database and transaction analysis
  • Segmentation strategies
  • Customer communications plans
  • Loyalty programs
  • Targeted direct and email marketing

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Our experience has taught us a few things when it comes to media:

  • Effective media planning starts with understanding the customer and the client's journey—who they are, how they will find you, how you can find them and what will get them to take action.
  • We help people find you, then provide them a path to learn more or connect through the channel of their choice.
  • Traditional awareness media can drive increased direct marketing or search results.
  • Social media and word of mouth are trusted information sources and are an important part of any plan.
  • Markets are different and often require different solutions, even when part of a large system.
  • Marketing budgets are never as big as you would like, but even small budgets smartly executed can generate big results.

Services provided include:

  • Media planning
  • Media buying
  • Print advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Out-of-home advertising
  • Digital display advertising
  • Broadcast—radio, televison, cable
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile, SMS

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We have a team ready to increase your engagement today.