Viral Email List Building
for your small to large business

Reach thousands of new customers by rewarding them for socially sharing your products or services.

We work with you to create viral giveaways that:
your readers will love,
and will increase your email list
no matter your current list size or what industry you’re in.

We love to exceed our customer’s expectations!

What makes us stand out?

  • Emails!

Most giveaway tools just have a signup form/widget and nothing else.

We email our lists and if you're working with a site, they email their lists (usually multiple times).

  • Viral social media

The main feature of the giveaway! Entrants are encouraged to share via their social media gaining you additional exposure.

  • Entrants are emailed encouraging re-posting

Setting us apart from other giveaways, our entrants are sent encouraging emails asking them to share again to gain additional entries. This has been very successful at gaining 'viralocity'

  • Network of additional promotional sites

We're also setting up a network of participating sites that we may be able to have share your giveaway - greatly expanding the reach and exploding the results. We're just beginning this network so we can't promise it to every vendor because we're not in every field... yet.