Client Success Story - The Wrecking Crew

  • Director Denny Tedesco’s ‘The Wrecking Crew’ was our first documentary film client. His father Tommy Tedesco was member of The Wrecking Crew and was a main character in the film.

  • The goal was to raise $250,000 to pay for the extensive music licensing costs required to complete this film that Denny had been trying to fund and finish for seventeen years.

  • We recognized the key to crowdfunding success for the project was the story of a son discovering his father's role in music history through the eyes of music legends he worked with, which we told via social media to baby boomers who knew the music.

  • We also focused on brand alignment by gathering support from music industry giants and celebrities like Brian Wilson, Herb Albert, Cher, Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, Penn Jillette, Paton Oswalt, Fender, Gibson, Ludwig, Zildjian, Heil Sound, Sony Music and many, many more.

  • We surpassed our Kickstarter goal by raising $313,157 and also secured an additional $350,000 in matching pledges and investments. Denny was now able to focus on completing the film.

  • The film released on 65 screens nationwide in 2015 earning $800,521 at the box office, was sold to Magnolia Pictures for digital distribution and is currently streaming on Netflix.



Client Success Story - Groovebox Studios

  • Owners Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel and Shawn Neal decided in 2010 to shake up the music business model with crowdfunding series of live in-studio performances.
  • The goal was to raise awareness on the Detroit Music scene while also creating a sustainable business model using at the time a brand new tool called Kickstarter. **In 2012 Groovebox Studios shared a 1% market share of all the successful music crowdfunding campaigns in the world. That market share is equivalent to that of Volkswagon in the automobile department. (Here is another way to look at it) Every time you drove past a Volkswagon car in 2012 that equaled a successful GBS campaign
  • We recognized the key to crowdfunding success for the project was the ability for fans to hear, touch, smell and even engage with a public performance piece.
  • During our time of initiating a new artist business model we also pioneered a new touchable interactive video model that allows for deeper interaction in the experience of watching a live performance piece. (look at the example below)
  • In total we raised just over a million dollars for artists in three different regions. Detroit, Chicago and Chapel Hill.
  • When the dust settled we ran 94 successful campaigns on Kickstarter. We advised and helped another 150 or so campaigns also reach their funding goals using new partnerships with Pledgemusic, Tilt and Crowdrise.*