Why Small Business Is Using Social Media Less!

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning, a certain post caught my eye.

It was from a business page, Social Concepts Consulting, a social marketing, and communications agency based in Narre Warren.

This was the post…



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The post was sharing a link to a Smart Company article talking about the drop in use of social media by small business.

The average social media spend for small businesses has fallen over the past year, from $3,595 to $2,839, according to the report. One quarter of small businesses allocate no budget at all to their social strategy, while only 23% say they actually measure their return on investment across social platforms.

I think from the feedback I am getting from SME’s, there is a timeinvestment and commitment required to ensure social media produces some ROI and businesses are struggling to find the time or hire staff to manage it internally.

The drop in use of social by SME’s, I believe, is because social has evolved to the point where if you don’t have a strategy in place and your executing against that to meet your business objectives, social will provide very little tangible short-term ROI.

Just posting randomly to Facebook doesn’t result in new customers or leads.

Therefore, the amount of businesses tackling their own social is dropping.


Social media is one of the most effective platforms that businesses can use to drive new leads and sales!

43% of customers are saying they follow businesses on social to get access to content that is interesting and relevant to them. A quarter of customers report using social media for the purpose of following and keeping up to date with brands, which Sensis spokesperson Rob Tolliday suggests shows consumers actually want solid engagement with businesses, rather than shying away from messages from them.

So if your customers are looking to engage with your business and the brands they love, what needs to be done to help you and other SME’s leverage desire and current state of consumer behaviour?

It would appear that you just might need some extra help and knowledge from someone who can help develop a tailored social media strategy for your business and to then take on the more time consuming aspects of executing that strategy, which will end up providing you with the ROI that can set your social up to be a vital part of your day to day business activity and growth!

The key findings from a study like this one are that customers want to engage in a meaningful way with brands they like. For small businesses, this means looking at the big picture, thinking about what questions their users might need answered, and pulling out the calendar to plan some content around that.

So businesses like Social Concepts and my own, Woodshed Agency, are here to help you, develop and execute a social media marketing strategy that provides you the ROI you're looking for while putting that time back in your pocket to focus on what you do best!

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