Why Most People Fail At Facebook Advertising

It's usually a combination of more than one reason why people fail. Here are the most common mistakes I'm seeing every day:

1. They don't target the right interests with their ads

I'm seeing people literally just throw interests into an ad campaign and hope for the best. Yes, people who like Tiger Woods might also like golf. We get it…but there's also millions of people who like Tiger Woods who DON'T care about golf. 

Sometimes I see people do this and get lots of traffic, but they don't get sales. (It's because they don't understand regular interests from BUYER interests).

Sometimes I'll even see people targeting GREAT interests, but they still aren't getting sales (likely because their message didn't align with the interests they were targeting).


2. They mess up their websites/landing pages. 

What makes a good website/landing page has changed over the years. 

Consumers are smarter these days…

Not only that, if you haven't kept up with Facebook rules, you might find yourself BANNED with the wrong type of page. 

But even if someone has a great looking website or landing page, many times the headline will be AWFUL (not congruent with the initial ad).

Sometimes their content isn't appealing enough (not following the WIIFM formula).

Sometimes they just have glaring holes that could be fixed with a few tweaks (a trained eye could spot these quickly.)

All these issues hold them back, no matter how many ads they throw up or how good their targeting is. 


3. They set up ads like a drunk person

Most people have no structure when they set campaigns up. 

And then they wonder why they can't figure out what's working, what isn't, and what steps they should take to fix it. 

You NEED a strategy, a process, a right way to set your campaigns, ad sets, and ads up so that you can find out what's working, what isn't, and then make changes to turn yourself profitable. 


4. They give up after like 5 minutes

I see people who will set up a campaign and literally give up in like 2 hours (they don't understand that Facebook takes time to optimize).

Most people vastly underestimate the time needed and amount of clicks needed to properly assess the success of a campaign. 


5. They don't understand the most important metric…

People don't know how to tell if a campaign is working or not. 

They don't understand that the only thing that truly matters is the amount of money you put in, and the amount of money you take out. 

I get it…everyone wants IMMEDIATE return on investment.  

But smart marketers realize that ROI will come over time, and these people are willing to be patient (these are the people that succeed). 

They understand they are building an asset that will produce for months and years to come.

Now you know the biggest reasons why most people fail at Facebook advertising.

P.S. If any of these sound familiar - I would suggest booking a free meeting with me here and I can help you diagnose what's going wrong and give you a clear path to follow.

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