Top 25 Crowdfunding Mistakes

The Biggest Mistake
1.    Not Asking
2.    The Non-ask-Ask
3.    Thinking You Shouldn’t Have to Ask

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel CEO/CoFounder 

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel CEO/CoFounder 

How You Ask
4.    Being Phony or Employing Bullshit Hype
5.    Being Uncertain of Your Desire
6.    Being Afraid To Ask - Fear
7.    Lacking Genuine Concern for the Person You are Asking
8.    Expecting People to Jump on Your BandWagon
9.    Asking Clumsily
10.    Playing the Victim Card
11.    Focusing More on Need Than Mission
12.    Boring People With Your Laundry List

Who You Ask
13.    Ignoring Individuals and Focusing On “the Crowd”
14.    Trying to “Go Viral”

What You Ask For
15.    Confusing the Issue (Such as Charity)
16.    Asking for Too Much
17.    Asking for Too Little

When You Ask
18.    Thinking You Should Ask About Them First
19.    Giving Up Too Early in a Conversation
20.    Not Following Up
21.    Starting Too Late
22.    Not Asking When You Have Momentum
23.    Giving Up Too Early in the Campaign

Other Mistakes
24.    Focusing Too Much on Rewards
25.    Not Saying Thank You