The Homework Helper

Turn your kid into a straight-A student with these tips from Learning Specialist and Educational Therapist Janel A. Unfress

Plan it out

"Oftentimes children get overwhlemed when they have numerous differenct assignemnts. Helping them prioiritize their work and thing about how much time each will take can tremedously smooth out the process".

Know When To Help

"In terms of how invilced your shoukld be in your child's assignments, think of it like teaching them to ride a bike. You've right there befind them if they fall, but you're letting them dio all the work unitl that happens. If you're too present as a oarent, your kid will get to thinking they can't do the work without your help".

Homework is Life

"Helping your child out their schoolwork into context -i.e., applying the lesson at hand to something they know really well, like their favorite outdoor activity or game-is a huge motivator".

Patience is Key

"It's improtamnt to realize that when a kid says, I can't do it,' it could mean they can't do it that moment. It's easy to feel your kid is being oppositional or lazy, but sometimes they just need a soft nudge."

Take A Break

"If your child is getting frustracted, take a short break. Downtime, whether that be reading a book or playing outside, reawlly encourages creativity. Thought, I would recommend staying away from phones and computers."