The Journey of a Startup Company

Not sure what a startup is? We’ve got you covered.

A startup is a newly-found and established business, a young company that is just beginning to develop.  Startups are usually small and at first, financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual.  

These companies offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, or that the founders believe is being offered in a subservient manner.

But what makes these startups swim instead of sink? A successful startup has multiple stages on the road to success, and whether you’re looking to just learn more information about startup businesses or if you’re trying to start one, we’re here to help explain the journey of a startup company.


The Initial Idea

Let’s start with the initial idea. Everything starts with a great idea, and for a startup company an idea is the concept behind the product that eventually can turn into something worthwhile sell-able, and profitable. But with an incredible idea, comes a lot of thought and creativity because no matter how strong the concept behind the product is, it cannot sell unless it is applied to suit the needs of the consumer. Customer satisfaction is key.

The initial idea also needs to be pitched to investors to make them want to invest in your idea. Just like satisfying your consumers, your investors have to be satisfied as well. Your product needs to prove to be innovative and useful, something they would buy, but something they would also invest thousands of dollars in. Your potential investors will look for selling points and marketing strategies that connect to the final product. Therefore, your initial idea, which links the concept to the product has to be perfect.

Once you figure out your right idea and how it connects your concepts and results in making a suitable product, the next item is the viability of the product. You should verify that your services are efficient, punctual, and consistent if you want to grow.

All of this could make or break your company right away.

Remain Relevant

With growth, comes change, and after pitching your ideas to different investors or consumers, your mind will be racing with new ideas. But do not let them go to far. Remember that initial idea you had? It meant something. And sure, your idea is going to expand but make sure it doesn’t expand in too many directions. Your goal is to continually update your knowledge of your product and your strategies. There are constantly new businesses being started every day, so be sure you stay on top of the most recent issues and the needs that need to be addressed. Do not get washed away in a new idea.

At the same time, you also have to be sure that your product does not diverge from the required standards or goals too much leading you to be out of touch with your initial consumer group. This isn’t easy. You’ll be taking on a lot of different roles to expand your customers base, while still not losing sight of the initial consumers and idea.

The Growth Phase

What leads a startup in its growth is its market presence and customer base. The growth stage starts when everything is in place. Your idea is finally figured out, next stop is the road to success. This stage does not end. The processes are set in motion to deliver the product and sell it, and your marketing strategies are established to attract the target audience towards the product.

During your growth stage, you are continuously working towards establishing yourself as a profitable business. Not only do you need to be satisfying your consumers and investors, but you must be financially secure, to ensure you can handle anything thrown at you.

As you work your way through this stage, your main concern should be to step up your game and stay ahead of the curve. Because your growing and becoming more successful, the market is going to start demanding more, and your customers will be expecting more from you. At this point, many entrepreneurs feel the pressure and might begin to give up on their product.

Like we said, it never ends. Keeping your business at the top and continuously growing is the goal and the ideal outcome everyone aims to achieve.

You Have to Stay Strong!

Your initial idea is now a successful startup company, and you want to keep aiming towards success. Just because your product is successful, does not mean it will not require constant upgrades. Developing new products based off of your initial one, or improving older products ensures that your company remains relevant. Your product is improving which means it’s reaching more people.

Take Amazon, for example, they started with one thing and grew to be huge, and Google has its hands on a large variety of services now, not just a search engine. These were once Startup, and are now known as some of the largest franchises in the world.


The journey of a startup is a difficult one, but at the end, it can be so incredibly rewarding. With hard work, determination and creative minds, you’ll be on the way to growing a successful enterprise.

The stakes are high, but so are the rewards.

Taylor Hooper