How To Use Your AltoIRA To Invest On Wefunder

How To Use Your AltoIRA To Invest On Wefunder

Thanks to a new program at WeFunder, you can use your IRA to invest in your favorite start-up, like SmartGurlz, LegionM, or TBJ Gourmet.

Ever wonder how people like former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Mark Cuban and PayPal co-founder Max Levchin amassed such wealth early on?

They both had the foresight to use their IRAs to make some of their original investments in startup companies.

You can now use an IRA to invest on Wefunder! We can see that many of our investors have already taken advantage of this and we wanted to share this news with you.

WeFunder recently integrated with Alto so investors can invest in startups with their IRA. Alto is an IRA custodian that lets individuals choose from a diverse portfolio of alternative assets like startups, real estate, and marketplace loans.

For most people, IRAs and 401(k)s make up a huge portion of their savings. Today, there is $20 trillion held in retirement funds, which make up 90% of all savings in the United States.

So why would you want to use an IRA to invest on Wefunder?

1. If you have a Traditional or SEP IRA, you can use your pre-tax dollars to make your Wefunder investments. All other payment methods, including an Alto Roth IRA, use after-tax dollars.

2. Investments on Wefunder are typically long-term, making them a good match for IRAs because returns can compound over time.

3. Having assets that aren’t correlated with the stock market helps diversify your portfolio to unlock potential returns in the private market.

Here's how:

To invest with an IRA on Wefunder, first open an AltoIRA and follow the steps.