How Mixing Music and Crowdfunding Consulting are the Same

I loved mixing music. It was something that made me really feel like I was performing magic.
That’s not to say I don’t love all the other aspects of creating music – writing, arranging, performing, recording, editing, mastering, etc. But I particularly loved to mix.
What I loved about mixing is that it’s a challenge. @@Every time I started a new mix, it was like sitting in front of a puzzle (except much cooler).@@ Regardless of how well the tracks were recorded, or the style of music, or the gear I was working with, nothing mattered besides making the tracks feel emotional.

There’s so much give and take with mixing. If you turn up one instrument, chances are you need to turn another one down. If you pan one track to the left, you probably need to balance that by panning another track to the right. If you remove all the low end on a guitar track, you’ll need to make sure the kick drum and bass have plenty of low end to make up for it. There are thousands of tiny decisions to be made and a thousand different ways you could mix a song. I found it all exhilarating.

To me, @@mixing is like taming a wild horse.@@ It takes a lot of work…and there are times when you just want to shoot the horse. But it’s so satisfying once you’ve finished a mix, having beaten those tracks into submission. 

So why did I sell all the music gear I owned to start the Woodshed Agency? As you can guess, this was not an easy decision to make.

But during the later months of my previous business, Groovebox Studios, email after email, band after band, the days had started blending together. I loved so much of my job as a studio owner—the access to gear, the act of making a product, the smell of warm tubes. But @@the creative side of me was gasping for air.@@ I found myself getting bored and angry with life. I caught myself barking at my coworkers. And finally, I decided to take a good, hard look at my work life. After months of debating, I decided to sell all my gear on and start planning my next adventure. I felt I needed the excitement of new challenges. So I asked myself...why couldn’t I do a new business out of the crowdfunding part of GBS that had achieved so much success? Why couldn’t I create a consulting service that helped people access all the potential of crowdfunding for minimal cost? And just like that, bam! Woodshed Agency was born.

Now, well into it, the similarities between mixing and crowdfunding consulting are clear to me, emotional, and kind of eerie. I get the same rush sitting with a new client and hearing about their dreams as I did when I'd pull the tracks up for a first mix. And what I've realized is that @@I’ve always been in the business of helping people achieve their dreams@@ and that both disciplines are just different ways to approach it.

If you have a project or idea to create something new in this world, then I want to talk to you. Maybe I can help? Maybe I can’t, but I do know I’ll be excited to hear what you are working on.

One of my favorite mixes I did for Groovebox Studios.