Friend Request Denied

Avoid never-ending disputes altogether by not befriending certain people in the first place

Don't Befriend: Your Neighbors

Human Behavior Specialist Shelli Chosak says that becoming buddies with the guy next door is dangerous territory due to your proximity. "You want to make sure that becoming friends with your neighbor don't pressure you into spending more time with them than you'd like, or doing things you aren't willing to do," she says. You can maintain a certain amount of distance by limiting conversations to five minutes -if the chat starts to go long, Chosak suggests excusing yourself by saying, "Sorry, I need to go, I've got an appointment or an important call."

Don't Befriend: Your Colleagues

It's easy to get friendly with co-workers in today's office culture happy hours, Slack and texting, but Family and Relationships Therapist Aida Vazin says that can ruin your career. "Personal stuff can easily get shared around the office when you befriend a colleague, which can quickly develop into drama, stress and potentially even job jeopardy," Vain suggests maintaining a professional relationship with your colleagues by avoiding personal outings with them (holiday parties are still okay).

Don't Befriend: Your Kids

It can be tough not to buddy up with your kids, but Vazin says it's better to keep a distance. "A child wants and needs someone to guide them -someone they can look up to, not a friend." When your kids come of age, however, Chosak says you can "let go of being a parent, and have an adult-to-adult relationship with them. Just remember, you'll always be their mother or father." Sniff. They grow up so fast!