Don't Make This Silly Mistake With Your Kickstarter Campaign

You don’t promote your campaign before it’s launch.

One of the myths out there about crowdfunding is that you just slap up a campaign and the money will come. But crowdfunding is really about a “tool to work your network.”

Before you launch a campaign, you need to put in the time to cultivate your network to ensure they are ready to be responsive.

Everyone will be at a different stage for this: some of you already have a network that you communicate with regularly, while others of you will need to invest the time to build the network before you can launch.

Think of it this way: a good networker is always thinking about what they can give to others without asking for anything in exchange. Most people won’t do something unprompted, and it’s important to create a foundation of trust before asking for something.

This means taking the time to get to build a relationship with your community of potential supporters. This could be through consistent newsletter updates, social media communications that put a face on your organization, and even reaching out personally via email or phone to those key supporters that you think have influence over groups of potential supporters.

These are the people you need to care about your cause and want them to take action when you ask them to, so don’t take for granted that they will do so without investing in a trusted relationship first.

The solution: Generate excitement and buzz before you launch your campaign. That way, on the launch day, you’ll already have supporters interested in your campaign.

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