Create This Simple 2 Step Facebook Ad Funnel

The Facebook Ad Carpet Bomb Strategy

It’s as awesome as the name makes it sound.

Woodshed Agency Blog

If you’re a locally based business, there’s one Facebook strategy that’s really standing out compared to the usual “pick your target, add a picture, and tell people to come visit” advice that some marketers give.

It’s called the carpet-bomb, and it’s pretty easy to set up, and normally only requires you to make 2 ads.

Ad #1: The Video (The Carpet Bomb)

Upload a video to Facebook, explaining your products or services. Keep it to around a minute long. Set your targeting to everyone within your service area, and be as broad as possible. The only thing you really should touch here is age or gender if your product is only marketed to one group.

We call it the carpet bomb, because it’s a wide target that hits pretty much everyone in an area.

Ad #2: The Offer (Missiles, or Something)

Create a second ad, targeted to people who’ve watched 25% of your first videousing the offer ad-type. Give them some incentive to visit your store, and make it time-sensitive.

Then, you’re done.

But why does it work so well?

In an effort to keep people on their platform, Facebook has the pricing for video ads set to dirt cheap. Facebook charges more if an advertiser makes someone leave Facebook, it’s common sense.

Most video views are only going to cost a few cents a piece for a relatively un-targeted audience like we’re using. The people we’re retargeting with the second ad stuck around long enough to watch some of our first video, which means they’re at least somewhat interested — and because of that, your ad costs is EVEN CHEAPER due to Facebook’s relevancy score.

People are essentially self-selecting whether they’re interested in your business or not. Plus, it barely costs you anything.