Attract and Grow Your First 1,000 Subscribers

@@Here are a few ways to attract and grow your first 1,000 subscribers. This is a work-in-progress list.@@

  1. Ask and tell your friends about it.
  2. Ask your friends/network to share it. (Email them and say, "I'm building this new thing, and I'd love to reach people who would find this useful. Would you help me spread the word by reaching out to 5-10 people who might find this really helpful?")
  3. Comment helpfully on related blogs and other posts with similar questions.
  4. Become an active member in existing communities doing similar work.
  5. Paid advertising (Google, Facebook).
  6. Build a landing page exclusively for getting subscribers.
  7. Only have a landing page, and put it up before you launch. Create mystery and intrigue.
  8. Force people to enter their email address before they get any content (not recommended, but some people do it).
  9. Add urgency or a deadline.
  10. Host a webinar or a free event.
  11. Make subscribing really easy to do: add a link in your header, footer, Facebook, Twitter, Quora profile, etc. Add a popup, sidebar mention.
  12. Make the offer really clear. What do they get for subscribing?
  13. Get really clear on who you want to connect with, why you want to connect with them, what their pain point is, and why what you have to offer is different, better, and crazy-useful to the people who need it.
  14. Give away a free incentive for subscribing.
  15. Add exit-intent popups and offers.
  16. Ask people to guest-post and publish with you and build on their audiences when they share links to your site
  17. Syndicate your content.
  18. Guest post, publish, and write for other people's websites. Mutualism grows your individual audiences by playing off each other's.
  19. Write a monthly column not on your own website, but a well-known website.
  20. Write amazing content. (This goes without saying, but can be very hard to do.)
  21. Join social conversations — chime in helpfully and respond / upvote other people's work. This builds trust and reciprocity and people notice it when other people pay attention to them.
  22. Go to conferences, online events, and join chats (like Twitter Hashtag chats) to meet more people in your target market.
  23. Write an email newsletter.
  24. Add the site to the footer of your own email address, and invite people to sign up.
  25. @@Ask people to forward or share the content at the bottom of every post / email / piece.@@
  26. Use LinkedIn (often one of the best referral sources) to syndicate your content.

If you want more on content marketing and growth hacking, that's what we teach at the Woodshed.Agency, and I can walk you through the process.