A Short Guide To Shorts

Everyone knows most men look terrible in shorts (it's true!), so we asked a stylist for few pointers on showing the world just how beautiful a guy's legs can be.

Step 1 - Pick a Style

"Jean shorts look like Daisy Dukes: Bermuda shorts should be saved for tropical vacations: and baggy cargo shorts shrink your legs," explains Rayne Parvis, personal stylist and author of Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab! Chino shorts and flat front-shorts-with belt loops, a zipper, a button and no pleats-however, are just right, as they won't draw any unwanted attention to your stomach.

Step 2 - Find Your Fit

"Shorts should fit like pants would-close to your body and with a slight taper." Pervis explains, adding that bottom of the shorts should sit an inch or two above your knee. Remember: Too much thigh won't fly.

Step 3 - Keep it Simple

Parvis suggests sticking to solid colors and avoiding overly busy patterns. "Anything too bright or tropical will lead people to think you're wearing a bathing suit," she says. That's a look best saved for the pool.

Step 4 - Plan Your Outfit

If you're going for a more sophisticated look than shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers (and a hoodie if it's chilly), Parvis recommends a tucked-in button shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a slim brown belt and light colored dress shoes or white slip-on sneakers with low-cut socks.