9 Things You SHOULDN'T Do Before Your Bikram Class

Some of you might know that I’ve been doing Bikram Yoga since January, and it’s a new habit that I’m enjoying. However, this past Memorial Day weekend I learned a very intense lesson about WHAT NOT TO DO. Most of my list below is common sense stuff, and I do believe I experienced the perfect storm. Without further ado here is my Bikram Yoga: 9 Things you SHOULDN'T do before class.

• Stay out all day in the sun the day before your class (forgetting sunscreen)
• Eat a lot of unhealthy, high-fat foods (2 brats, french fries, and a Rice Krispie treat)
• Drink 4-5 beers the night before (New Belgium Heavy Melon mmmm so good)
• Eat more unhealthy, high-fat foods (F-U Jets Pizza)
• Sleep on the floor for three hours while holding your daughter's hand through the evening in an awkward pose. (THANKS, NEVEY)
• Wake up late the next morning and rush around
• Don't eat breakfast
• Don't drink any water
• Don't take your vitamins on an empty stomach

As you can probably imagine from the list above I did not have an excellent class experience. A major lesson has been learned. Thank You, Memorial Day weekend and my lack of common sense.