7 Tools for Marketing Your Crowdfunding Campaign

It may seem like it to outsiders, but projects rarely just magically take off on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Most successful projects require effort and strategic marketing. Here are some tools have been helpful to me personally and to creators who've become part of our community.

MailChimp and Aweber are tools for sending email newsletters to large numbers of recipients. You can grow your subscriber list with auto-responder emails leading up to an event, like a crowdfunding campaign launch, by delivering something specific and valued when someone opts into your newsletter. For example, we use an auto-responder sequence to provide our “Top Ten Things to do Before You Launch your Campaign” article.
There are a lot of other mass email services out there (like these). Some are free up to a certain number of subscribers, and others are paid services right out the gate.

Buffer and Hootsuite are social media management tools that allow you to schedule posts to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other accounts. The services also give you analytics on your social media posts, including how many people clicked on links, re-shared them, and upvoted or liked them.
I love and use Buffer, though many people I have spoken with prefer Hootsuite. 

Pablo is Buffer’s newest free tool for designing images with text for social media. It’s very easy to use, and can drive more engagement to your social media accounts, as followers love interesting and inspiring quotes.
I’d also recommend looking into Canva, which is another software tool to create images for social media or blog posts.

Depending on your product’s target audience and how traffic has converted already, you may be interested in paid advertising. Here's an excellent, in-depth advertising guide, to which I'll just add that you should always be aware of how users will be interacting with your ads.

For example, Facebook users will discover your ads among a stream of other funny and inspiring videos in their newsfeed. Google users will be searching for something specific when they come across your advertisement. On BuySellAds, users will discover your advertisement on a website that they frequent.

5.    SNIPLY
When potential backers come to your website, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to connect with your mailing list and your new project. Sniply is one way to do this. You can check out a sample of what it looks like here.
You can also use tools like HelloBar and OptinMonster (if you have a wordpress-based website) to draw attention to a mailing list. 

Rafflecopter is a great software tool you can use to create a giveaway leading up to or during your crowdfunding campaign. People can enter your giveaway by liking a Facebook page, tweeting a message, answering a question, or subscribing to a mailing list.

Press releases are one way of getting the media’s attention about a particular news event. Though we at Woodshed highly recommend combining press releases with direct outreach for the best results, and even then PR outreach may be better suited for some than others. For the right project, they can result in news stories that bring traffic and pledges. But even then no one marketing strategy should be thought of as a “silver bullet,” and you can't ignore the other channels of social media marketing. If PR outreach is right for your project, the websites above have a varying level of awareness and cost.

So together, these tools can help you get your campaign off the ground and funded. If it seems like too much, give us a call today. We can help.