5 More Quick Crowdfunding Tips

Tip 1

Create a visual metrics of all the key elements you need for success:

  • What are the key problems your customers face?
  • How will you solve them?
  • What is your unique value proposition?
  • Who else delivers similar products?
  • What channels will you use to deliver products to customers?
  • What benefits will the backers have?
  • What is the cost structure?

Tip 2

Create a SWOT analysis of your business, project, and campaign. Here is a module from our Crowdfunding Success Roadmap on how to do a SWOT for your project.

Download the PDF

Tip 3

Pick Your Launch Day

Pick your launch day to be in at least 2-3 months - you need time to be prepared. Pick a memorable day (holiday, your birthday).

If Apple plans to introduce a new iPhone during your launch day, you will hardly find any interested people and most importantly journalists.

Crowdfunding isn’t seasonal, and there is no ‘best time’ to launch your campaign unless your campaign is a seasonal product. That said, there is a rumor that the worst months for crowdfunding are July, August, and December.

Tip 4

Set Your Goal Amount

When setting the goal amount, set the least possible amount of which you will be able to produce your product. It will allow you to benefit from ‘Green Bar’ effect. 

When people see a lot of projects on a crowdfunding platform, they veer towards the one that has the green bar already filled in, because they're curious projects that get fully funded.

Success creates momentum, and momentum creates a ‘snowball effect’.


Tip 5

Create a Landing Page

Email will be your main form of communication, so you need to build an email database of subscribers. Remember, most of your results will be derived from your emails, so you need to start collecting those addresses right now. 

– a simple page where you should offer something in return for an email, e.g. enter your email to download this ebook for free or to subscribe to updates. The ebook doesn't have to be yours, you can find something related on the internet.

If you’re not a programmer or coding wizard, then go to squarespace.com and create a landing page for $5.00.