30 Second Social Media Tip

@@Here's my best social media tip: If you're a small business or entrepreneur on Twitter or Instagram, you need a hashtag strategy.@@ And the secret is hashtag cross-pollination. You want to use a hashtag you've invented yourself which is unique to your business, your current project, or your identity, along with more general, popular hashtags that are also related to your particular post. You can use a site like http://hashtagify.me/ to find hashtags you might use along with the ones that are specific to you. Then what happens is, for example, people looking through the more general #photooftheday or #landscapes posts see yours that's also tagged with your personal #SaraNikonPhoto tag, use that tag to find everything you've posted with it, and then maybe decide to follow you directly. On Twitter use two to four hashtags, one or two of which are unique to you, and one or two of which are more general. On Instagram use seven to eleven hashtags, one to three of which are unique to you, and the rest of which are more general.