11 Things to Think About BEFORE You Do an Interview For Crowdfunding

1.    Mention Your Campaign
I can't believe that this is the first one out of the gate. In an interview, your heart starts pumping, you're running your answers through your head, and suddenly you get an off the wall question. Now you're thrown off and by the end of the interview, you forgot to talk about the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. It seems silly, but we see it all the time. @@Keep calm, stay in your head space, and be confident talking about why you’re raising funds@@ and that people have a chance to engage with the project.

2.    Mention Your Website/Social Media
The same reactions happening in the interview also makes you forget that you have a website. Don't forget to plug your site and ask people to join the conversation on social media.

3.    Be the Brand Ambassador
Know your product inside and out and be ready to talk about all the surrounding conversations that could pop up during the interview.  Also, be prepared to speak about how your product relates to current trends and tastes. The last thing you want to look like in the media is outdated when you’re asking people to support your campaign.

4.    Use Traditional Media in Social Media
Most news channels will give you a copy of your interview. Take that content home and share it through your social media channels. It will instantly move you to the "influencers" side of the conversation and make you credible and easier to support.

5.    @@Be Comfortable Talking About Fundraising@@
So many times our clients feel uncomfortable talking about fundraising. If you can't overcome that fear, crowdfunding is not the tool for you. Find your inner politician, pull up your bootstraps, and get comfortable asking for money.

6.    Know the Platform and Be an Expert
There are many platforms for crowdfunding and each one has their own unique features. Make sure you know the rules and how everything works. Never say, “I don't know.”

7.    If You are Working with a Marketing Team– 
You MUST know all the of the engagement activities your marketing team has going on with the campaign so people can join the conversation. Nothing will derail a campaign faster than a leader not knowing what is going on with their campaign.

8.      Have a Normal Conversation
Be natural. @@No one wants to be sold to by slick salesmen reading from a script.@@ Just focus on talking and be confident about your project. Don't ramble, just answer the question the reporter asked with crystal clear answers. The biggest way to overcome this hurdle is to be an expert (see number three).

9.    Dress the Part
If there's ever a time to look beautiful, it's when you're going on TV to talk about the project. Do you need help with this task? Contact the Woodshed Team to have one of our stylists pick out the perfect outfit for your TV debut!

10.     Don't Be Afraid to Push the Conversation
This is probably a bit more difficult step. When you are comfortable and having a good conversation don't be scared to push and pull the conversation with the reporter/interviewer. Ask questions, tell a funny story, talk about why this campaign is so important to you and how you came up with the idea.

11.    Ask the Media Outlets to Post Links and Clips to Their Website and Social Media
After your interview, ask the show's producer to put your campaign and info on their homepage. Most of the time they will have no issue with this because they are also trying to fill up the 24-hour news cycle that we live in.