100 Crowdfunding Influencers to Boost your Campaign

How do entrepreneurs raise money for their crowdfunding projects?

By reaching out to websites, bloggers and press platforms to help generate traffic and buzz around your product. This is indeed one of those vital tasks which, if done well, can soar your project towards success. Let’s have a look at 100 such influencers who could help to promote your Crowdfunding project.

The advice contained in this article is applicable to all crowdfunding websites, includingKickstarterIndiegogoGoFundMePeerbackers and GoGetFunding.

The majority of Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other Crowdfunding campaigns that were successful got in contact with influencers first.

Before Making Contact...

As the founder of Woodshed Agency, Groovebox Studios and a promoter of Crowdfunding campaigns, 9 times out of ten we are usually just sent a "cut and pasted" long description of the campaign and a link. It's not a great first impression and in no way encourages us to post the link!

The perfect influencer is one that has an audience that is relevant and a readership is substantial. When reaching out, you should be asking questions like:

  1. Relevance – will their readers like your project? What special features does the campaign have?
  2. Readership – how much traffic does the site get?
  3. Relationships – do you know someone who can make an introduction?
  4. Reach – will the influencer reach prospective backers? Website, newsletter, RSS and social media?

Keep your pitch brief (but interesting) and cater it to the influencer you're targeting.

Example of a Successful Campaign

Take the example of the most successful Kickstarter project, Pebbles E-Watch.

Pebble’s Crowdfunding Campaign struck a nerve with the public. The project was destined for success because the product at its heart was interesting, innovative, and useful.


Also known as a soft launch. Firstly you should be reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances etc., basically anyone you think would be supportive of your pre-launch.

A landing page to collect emails, email campaigns to target potential backers and a presence on the web is a must. There's no rule to say you can't use social media before your product is launched. Posting rough designs, marketing videos, prototypes and work in progress is a great way to connect with your customers plus they can be sent to influencers as "exclusive" forms of promotion if you get a mention.

Targeting influencers at the pre-launch stage is even better as you can get in contact with people who believe in your product before it's even launched.

The Influential List

On the list is a step by step "cheat sheet" on who you should be contacting and a brief explanation as to why. A lot of the major influencers post content from sites on this list by giving a link back and "hat tip" often, so getting mentioned is crucial. Final thoughts, I would also urge caution when contacting influencers. Less is really more when reaching out, if you're not sure whether to send them your campaign, don't do it! You don't want to get a bad reputation or blocked because you didn't read the submission rules or aren't on topic. Some may have changed their terms and won't allow you to submit Kickstarter projects or other Crowdfunded campaigns before they have publicly launched.

Finally, consider offline promotion too. Submitting your product to the Features Desk of News Publications and Media outlets which are one way to get picked up and go viral. Press from Yahoo, New York Times, CNN, The Guardian, Mashable, MTVand so on would be great! Getting a celebrity to endorse or promote your product would help too.

Note: The list is in no particular order. I've tried to give the direct link to the influencer's submission or contact page. Some of the links below are paid, but alot of sites will feature you if you're campaign is interesting and relevant to them.

Product Hunt

It's notoriously hard to get listed on this site, but there may be a way round by offering a "Product Hunt exclusive". To get noticed you could offer Product Hunters early access or an exclusive discount. Otherwise, pitch yourself on Twitter by giving out your url, using a short description of your product (make it catchy) and using @producthunt in the tweet.

Gifts and Coupons

Our own site that showcases your Crowdfunding product to our growing community of users who are interested in cool gift ideas. Our service allows you to list your product on the website, with a short description with a direct link to your campaign.

The Gadget Flow

With 5M monthly visitors and 100k Email Subscribers that are Eager to discover great New Products The Gadget Flow is the world's leading product discovery platform. You should definitely give it a try.


Run by influencer Salvador Briggman, Kickstarterforum is a huge Crowdfunding community which allows you to pitch your ideas at pre-launch level and also promote your project for free after it's launched. There is also an extension of sites such asCrowdfunding PR and Crowdcrux.


Kicktraq is like Google Analytics for Kickstarter campaigns. It's more of a tool that tracks data, issues forecasts and showcases the most popular campaigns. Paid services range from advertising with a banner or being featured on their "Active Projects" list.


Thrillist write articles on a number of lifestyle subjects from Food to Dating. If your campaign covers any of these topics, shoot off an email to the editors or if you see your country / region listed on their page, connect with them directly.


Made up of an elite group of "super-backers" they are labelled as very serious Crowdfunders. Most of the most popular projects they back are in the design and technology fields.

Bless This Stuff

Similar to Thrillist, this is an online "Web Magazine for guys. Men's Style, gadgets, gear, technology, vehicles. Stuff we drool about". Quite a few KS projects are featured on the site. Mighty Goods are similar too.

Not Cot

A community of creative's, design lovers and trendsetters. There is a small box in the top left corner, where after joining/signing in you can submit your image, link and category theme with a description. Also, something similar is Icanhascheezburger(Geek Section) , if your project is geeky / creative why not try to submit here too.


A non-profit organisation, showcasing consumer news which features Crowdfunding stories from time to time. Good is another alternative magazine type site with a growing readership.

The Awesomer

A site that features everything that's "awesome". From tech to design to music, this site shows anything that's interesting. If you have a site already (with a link to your campaign) then select "Product" otherwise choose "Other" and describe your product in the description box.

Oddity Central

Have a strange or odd campaign?  Then this should probably be your first port of call really where they list articles, images and videos on the site. If you are promoting a gadget then Geeky Gadgets would be a useful contact.

Design Taxi

Design Taxi focuses on Design, Art, Photography, Advertising, Architecture, Style, Culture, Technology and Social Media. As they state on their site, they "serve millions of tech-savvy tastemakers and decision-makers". This is Colossal is a similar site too, where they've mentioned artistic type campaigns in the past.


Mashable covers consumer based start-ups or topics which are of interest to their reader base. Like Technorati and Product Hunt, send them something interesting, keep it short and to the point. A similar site is the *huge*Boing BoingBooooooom and The Next Web which features KS projects now and again.


Using the power of social media, Thunderclap is a unique platform that shares a message at the same time, boosting the importance and visibility of your project. Gleamis another business growth service that you might want to check out too, whilstNinjaOutreach is an excellent new tool to find influencers.


This site is unique, as they seem to be "hands on". Their service involves a 20 minute phone conversation, advice on promotion and feedback how the project is going. They also can be involved with pre-launches too.

Killer Start-ups

Killer Start-ups has been around for years featuring innovative projects, not just limited to Crowdfunding. Another site you can check out is All Top, they've got hundreds of topics but there may be the right influencer for you.


Using the "tips" section, this is another huge site which is very hard to get into. Perhaps creating an interesting sales pitch will help you to get noticed. Also, if you've got a campaign that solves a problem then submitting to Addictive Tips would be worthwhile too.


"Core77 provides a gathering point for designers and enthusiasts". They accept a URL and short description, which is then reviewed by Editors and submitted for inclusion on their blogs. Paste is an online magazine that has featured KS campaigns in the past.


An online resource for creative professionals, focusing on design, advertising, retail, tech, travel, arts and culture. You might also want to consider the "Raw" section ofAbuzeedo, which could feature your Crowdfunding project by using an introduction graphic with a click through to your campaign page

The Startup Pitch

With a tag that reads "Come pitch your startup to the world", this site relies on simple pitches to promote your campaign. Please note, that this is a free and paid service. Free submissions can take up to 2 months for approval, so maybe it's best for long term campaigns.

All Top Start-ups

Focusing on business and technology, All Top Start-ups promote upcoming projects and startup businesses on their homepage and social media outlets.

Beta List

Aimed at "early adopters", based on your company's url. This site focuses on projects which are not yet live and ones that are looking for new signups.


Focusing on tech and gadget products only. Take note of their criteria conditions where they "feature innovative, offbeat and exceptionally creative works that will inspire our readership". Bookmark the Daily Tech site as they used to accept Crowdfunding submissions, but temporarily took the submit form offline.

Cool Things

Bringing you the coolest things out right now, which can range from news stories to products. Note they only feature products that fit within their editorial guidelines.Swiss Miss is an alternate site who mentions campaigns that she likes on her blog.

Incredible Things

Similar to "The Awesomer", here only incredible products are featured via the "Send us a tip" page. They do have quite alot of products that are from Kickstarter. Yanko Design is a great influencer, as they support young designers and established companies alike with their projects.


Create a profile account and submit your crowdfunding information. They've featured Kickstarter projects in the past and have released articles such as "Best of Kickstarter Projects on Fubiz". Fark is an alternative too, although only 5% of submissions make it to the homepage.

Using Google Groups

Much like forums, participating in Google Groups can yield some great results but it only depends on how much you give in return. Get established, share advice and tips, get contacts and market your project to them when the time right.


Using Facebook

Social media is a great way to find crowdfunding campaigns to support or invest in and also promote your very own campaigns!


Using LinkedIn


Using Twitter

There are many influencers who use Twitter, which can be used as starting point to get in contact and then progress further by keeping in contact down the line. However, before promoting your campaign to them, look at their interests first and remember no spamming!

  • @QZ (Quartz)
  • @rsvlts (The Roosevelt's)
  • @KSStandard
  • @CrwdFndPlanning
  • @KickstarterTips
  • @KickstarterNews
  • @KickstartAdvice


Using Reddit

The key to promoting yourself on Reddit is to be a Redditor or know one. If you're a part of the community and are established, your posts will be "picked up" and given more credence. In the mean time, the following are useful subreddits to post to.


Start-ups and Entrepreneur Subreddits

Submitting your campaign to the above urls is great, but how about exploring further. Such as connecting with Entrepreneurs, asking advice or growing your business.   

Product Based Subreddits

How about submitting to subreddits which may be interested in your product.