10 Things to Share on Social Media

1 - Product News
Got a new organic lipstick color to promote, or a newly launched flavor of craft beer on the shelves? Definitely, tell.

2- What’s trending?
TV shows and pop culture stories are fodder for sparking chat with followers. See what hashtags are being used, and join the conversation by incorporating them in your own posts.

3- Quotes
Inspire and delight your followers with a famous quote – bonus points if it happens to relate to something trending that day.

4- An interesting fact
“Did you know” posts can educate as well as entertain, and they’re eminently sharable.

5- Seasonal content
Go beyond Valentine’s Day and Halloween and post about the weather, tax season, back to school, the World Series, the Academy Awards, etc.

6- Unofficial holidays
Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! World Laughter Day! International Clients Day! Look for the holiday that best complements your brand.

7- A question
Get your followers talking by asking how they feel about a popular subject, your recent product update, even their favorite book or movie.

8- A contest
Invite your customers to share and tag photos of your product, pick a winner, award a prize. Don’t forget to include a memorable hashtag.

9 - A word of thanks
Each out to new followers and longtime fans. This shows your audience that you’re grateful for their loyalty (and that you’re paying attention).

10 - Day-of-the-week hashtags
If you’re stuck for an eloquent way
to turn your brand into a hashtag, cash in on #MotivationMonday, #ThrowBackThursday, and #FlashbackFriday (and dozens more).