10 Easy Ways to Create An Audience On A Shoestring Budget

🔥10 Easy Ways to Create An Audience On A Shoestring Budget 🔥


Building an audience doesn’t always have to be about giving money to Facebook or Instagram. Here are 10 creative ways you can jump in and build your audience before you launch your campaign or product launch.

1) Locate relevant YouTube videos that may have buyer-intent, then contact content creators at scale to insert a sponsored link above the fold. The more niche the audience, the higher the conversions.

2) Answer relevant questions on Quora in a conversational style, while having a branded handle and bio with a proper CTA. I’m not sure how well this works nowadays, but this strategy used to work extremely well in many verticals. Answer questions, and sprinkle in relevant links.

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3) Create a streamlined quiz funnel to pique curiosity to drive traffic and nurture target audience. In the crowdfunding space, I’ve driven thousands of leads to my email list using this strategy. People love taking quizzes that help them discover something about themselves or their needs -- create a hyper-targeted relevant quiz and then collect their email to send them the results.

4)  Identify the best-performing blog posts, then double up on the content as well as add a relevant lead magnet content upgrade. If you’re actively blogging on a regular basis (as you should be), identify your best posts and double down on them.

5) If you’re using dedicated landing pages, implement website social proof popups (such as Provely, FOMO) to incentivize people to take action.

6) Engage in outbound email outreach to get relevant speaking engagements, podcasts, and get on panels at in-person and digital conferences. These are great for PR as well as backlinks.

7) Participate in AMAs on websites such as Reddit, or in Facebook groups. This is a good way to demonstrate expertise.

8) Scope out Facebook Groups relevant to your vertical, then drop as much value as you can on a consistent basis. (Careful not to SPAM these groups)

9) Write guest posts on relevant industry blogs (get in touch with editors to pitch blog post ideas with a title and short summary).

10) Standardize profile image, links, and CTAs across all social channels and keep your branding consistent. Make sure that people know your value proposition as well as keep things looking professional and on-brand.

Hope these ideas help you explore and building relationships with people in your niche.