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With The Pros

We throw a net across the whole process. We plan and strategize your funding campaign. We orchestrate its message across social media and traditional media channels and across crowdfunding and traditional funding sources. Our practices are expansive, creative, engaging and effective.

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Let’s face it, video is now dominating the internet and especially youtube and facebook. Here at Woodshed Agency we can help provide you with any kind of marketing video for your website, social media sites or e-commerce store. We can also advise you on what type of video would best suit your requirements and are happy to work with you until you are fully satisfied with your video and do it within your budget, whatever that may be.

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Lead Generation/

Viral Marketing

We understand how consumers shop. So we’ve built integrated campaigns that turn clicks into customers. We also love using word of mouth viral giveaways to expose your brand to much larger audiences!

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Media Outreach

Our media relations expertise consists of trustworthy and professional connections to a wide variety of local, regional and national print, television, radio and online media outlets.  Together we will assess your target audiences, determine your strongest news angles and develop and execute a specialized media outreach plan.

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Say hello on Facebook Messenger.

One of the main benefits of using conversational interfaces is that you can engage with your users where they are. The rise of messaging platforms means you can reach your customers through Facebook Messenger, Slack or SMS.

Being able to provide information or sell products on a familiar channel means you can meet the needs of your users in new ways and increase satisfaction. It's often a better solution for your users than trying to get them to install another mobile app.

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Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay-per-click agency solutions from Woodshed are designed for businesses that want us to manage their ads with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest more efficiently. Woodshed's in-house experts help companies reach their goals by providing full-range PPC services.

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Woodshed is a new consultancy for the digital world



We build experiences that set your work and your brand apart from the competition. We use a full array of communication channels and our award winning creative talent to engage and grow your audience.




We're crowdfunding social media and public relation experts. We've planned and executed over 300 successful crowdfunding campaigns for independent creators, businesses, and nonprofits across a range of platforms. We've built momentum and audiences for our clients across social media channels. We've made it possible for clients to do their dream projects.



Woodshed is a one stop shop—part crowdfunding agency, part production company, part digital marketing consultancy and public relations firm. We've learned that success in the new the landscape of traditional and social media, and traditional and new funding requires energy and coordinated expertise across video, social media, content, branding, and funding strategy. So doing it all is what we do best.


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✋ Meet The OWNERS 🤚


CEO / Co-founder

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel is a digital and social media expert, project manager and business developer who has created and maintained a social media presence for over 450 client projects on multiple social media platforms. He is a co-founder of Woodshed Agency, a S.E. Michigan based digital media company that has established themselves as crowd-funding pioneers with over 300 successful campaigns to their credit. Jeff also seeks out and maintains collaborative relationships for his digital properties between companies, sponsors and clients. Credits include Volkswagen, Moncur, Detroit Design Center, Motor City New Years Eve, Camp Casey and North Star Media.


COO / Co-founder

Shawn Neal is a crowdfunding expert, content creation professional and expert storyteller who is a repeat champion of The Moth StorySLAM. As co-founder of Groovebox Studios, Shawn lead the strategy and development of 300+ successful crowdfunding campaigns that have raised over $2 Million and counting. His career began at Apple where he worked as a training, branding and sales consultant for 5 years. In his work as a content creation professional, Shawn has filmed and edited over 2,000 music and commercial videos, documentaries and television series including "Under The Radar Michigan" on PBS and "Boy Howdy! The Story of CREEM Magazine". Clients include Compuware, Accenture, Superior Energy, Little Caesars and Heil Sound.


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You can do so much if you can just find and engage your true audience. Our clients take what they learn from us and the audiences we help them build and go forward to newer and bigger projects as entirely self-sufficient digital powerhouses. We can do it for you. We can coach you. You're ready for it.


Our expertise is real. We're creators ourselves. We're musicians and storytellers and game designers. We learned everything we know about success in the digital world because we needed to for our own projects. And then we shared it with over 300 other clients—small business entrepreneurs, independent creators, and nonprofits, just like you.

We do the work, or show you how. We're a new consultancy for the digital world.


It's a new, digital world, of social media and crowdfunding. You have important work you've dreamed of doing. Woodshed is here to help.